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Mr Crisp Lands Job at Walker’s Crisp Factory

Over the past several years David Crisp had trouble retaining full-time employment due to personal issues. Unfortunately, David had suffered through a period of uncertainty that resulted in financial hardship. David has always been passionate about the warehouse sector with a wealth of previous experience in the industry. Following on from being made redundant at his most recent role, David was in search of a position that offered stability and job security for himself and his family.

David began working with Skelmersdale JobCentre Plus to identify opportunities. He worked closely with employment coach, Michael Llyod, who was able to refer David to local job and career development opportunities. Michael referred David for a Sector Work Academy Programme (SWAP) with Complete Skills Solutions (formerly Innovative Alliance). This course was to help recruit for job opportunities with Walkers Pepsi-Co and consequently enables learners to take part in our fully-funded training courses with a view of being offered employment at the end of the course. The course was run with our partners System Group.

David sought to learn more about the programme and communicated with our specialist team to decide if the course was the right fit for him. After meeting with our team and discussing his strengths and skills, it confirmed to David that the course was the right step for getting him back into the world of work. David was especially thankful to our Business Development Manager, Stephen, who supported him through the entire process.

Learner support is a top priority

He said;
‘’From the moment I met Stephen he made me feel completely at ease, my first impression was that he is a nice guy. Stephen explained the course very well and even turned up on the first day to help my tutor John welcome everyone.‘’

David completed his warehousing courses online with full attendance and, after impressing the hiring manager at Walker’s Crisp Factory, he was offered the job!

He went on to thank our team for delivering such a high-quality course.

He said;
‘’I would recommend this course to anyone looking to do it, it’s fantastic.’’

Warehousing courses online with Complete Skills Solutions

David, along with 5 other learners were offered employment upon completion of the course. This outcome optimises the core mission of Complete Skills Solutions, which want to support individuals to get into work or further training.

The warehousing course covers key topics needed to kick-start a career in warehousing, for example, health and safety at work, developing relationships in the workplace, checking stock levels, stock records and customer service.

The staff at CSS work with learners to identify their strengths as well as guide them to the right courses. We offer bespoke support that helps learners from the beginning of their journey until the end, and this tends to leave a lasting impression on all the learners. Through our wealth of partnerships, we work with local businesses to provide job opportunities at the end of many of their courses.

Complete Skills Solutions are dedicated to helping provide people who are currently unemployed with training opportunities. Moreover, we believe that through education and training, individuals can get back into the world of work faster. Additionally, they have a wealth of courses available, with something to suit everyone.

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