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Complete Skills Solutions in partnership with Directions is re-launching a sustainable employment project.

The Adult Education Training Provider has been working in partnership with Directions to help achieve important social mobility goals within the Liverpool City Region. Between November 2020 -January 2021, the partnership helped 40% of participants progress into sustainable employment with a 60% positive outcome across all parts of the business.

The Directions Project is a multi-agency, Liverpool City Region-wide partnership. The project is part-funded by the European Social Fund (ESF), which offers support to residents of the Liverpool City Region to raise aspirations, develop skills, and explore pathways to employment and economic opportunity. The overall aim of the project is to help 2,000 Liverpool residents achieve either paid or volunteer work.

The fully-integrated support programme boosts employability by;

-Supporting individuals to develop their confidence and self-esteem
-Supporting people into training and education
-Enabling people to participate in active job search
-Connecting participants to volunteering, specific job and job trial opportunities
-Supporting 675 people to be in employment 6 months after leaving the project
-Connecting them to other support programmes e.g. Ways to Work ILM, Apprenticeship, AEB provision, Building Better Opportunities – Better Off Finance, Digital Projects and Households into Work
-Providing a branded One Front Door for people to access information on the project, its benefits, and to ensure that there is no customer confusion

The programme facilitates a number of support businesses to come together as a network, supporting people in securing volunteer or paid work. Whilst each organisation will have their own approach to finding individuals, CSS’ positioning as an adult education training provider under the Adult Education Budget (AEB), means that many of their new learners will fit into The Directions Project’s directive already.

Learners who are then chosen for the project are assigned a caseworker, someone who can help them to further develop their skills in certain areas. The tailored approach will help ensure increased chances of success.

Learners took part in courses such as Warehousing and Storage, and Customer Service. The added support from The Directions Project means Complete Skills Solutions can help even more people get back into work, either paid employment or volunteer work. But the partnership is not only supporting people getting back into work but helping rebuild the local and national economy.

Complete Skills Solutions CEO, Ian Green, said;

‘’We are extremely proud that we could help support our learners to progress into sustainable employment, after completing a course with us. The Directions Project has allowed us to work with other members of the consortium to support individuals in achieving the best possible outcomes.’’

He continued;

‘’We will continue to support the other organisations within the consortium, helping them achieve their outcomes while we achieve ours, and supporting people into employment as a result.’’

This is not the first time Complete Skills Solutions has supported large numbers of learners in getting back to work. Last year the Adult Education Training Provider helped 67% of learners secure a positive outcome after completing a SWAP (Sector Work Academy Programme). Learners underwent a SWAP with a national retailer, with a guaranteed interview available after completing the course. A massive 67% of learners then went on to secure a positive outcome, from employment offers to progression into further training.

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