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Liverpool headquartered training provider, Complete Skills Solutions (CSS), has launched a new series of English for Speakers of Other Languages (ESOL) courses, aimed at removing the barriers to training for those of which English is not their first language.

The adult education training provider, who already delivers a range of fully funded training courses in sectors such as hospitality and catering, construction, warehousing and barbering across the city region, has launched the course in response to the increased demand they are seeing from local residents.

The ESOL course, which is available at entry levels and above, will be offered at sites across the city region and will be free to participants (subject to eligibility). It aims to boost their English speaking, writing, reading, and speaking & listening skills., helping to improve their confidence of the English language. Through their existing course offering, CSS will also be able to support individuals to gain sector specific skills and qualifications, with the aim of helping them to secure paid employment at the end.

Included in this training offer, is a unique support package. Complete Skills Solutions already works in partnership with Company Shop Group and in turn, the Community Shop to offer a range of courses to their members. But, to boost social mobility and offer further support to participants, all CSS learners also get free Community Shop membership and heavily discounted prices on purchases made in one of their stores. Individuals completing this new ESOL course will also have access to this wrap around support package, supporting them (potentially during a time of crisis), to get back on their feet and find some stability.

The course will be a further boost to CSS’s existing training offer, which is aligned to the skills priorities of the region. Between 2021-2022, Complete Skills Solutions generated £3,579,695 of social value, yielding a social return on investment of £2.25 for every £1 spent on their services.

To find out more about the course, and check forthcoming start dates and locations, visit the Complete Skills Solutions website.

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