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In January 2021, the CMI and Institute of Directors conducted research that identified a gap between the management skills needed by employers and the management capacity of their workforce.

The report identified five requirements that ensure a thriving economy, including building management development into education, training, and sector policies. Another suggested including core skills (communication, teamwork, problem-solving, and digital competencies) in all government-funded courses.

Further research by the Industrial Strategy Council suggests that these skills shortages could worsen by 2030 if steps aren’t taken to bridge these gaps sooner rather than later. Within the workplace, the second, third, and fourth largest skills shortages projected in 2030 are core management skills. This includes leadership and managing others, critical thinking and decision-making, and advanced communication and negotiation.

It is no surprise that good management and leadership will be crucial to delivering the government’s growth plans. Organisational leadership sets the standards for employee performance standards and company culture quality. Effective leadership and management can support with succession planning, boost retention, help businesses attract candidates, and drive business performance.

In April 2021, the Department for Education (DfE) launched the National Skills Fund. The fund allocated £1.6bn to help eligible adults access government funded Level 3 courses. The scheme supports adults aged 19+ to develop the skills most desired by employers and improve their job prospects.

The courses were specifically designed to address the current skills shortages, create more employment opportunities, and promote career advancement in the workplace.

These fully funded qualifications are available for unemployed and employed adults.

‘Levelling up’ agenda

In April 2022, the entry requirements were adjusted allowing any adult in England earning under the National Living Wage annually (£18,525 ) to access these qualifications for free, regardless of their previous qualification level. The entry requirements for Liverpool City Region residents differs slightly and anyone earning under £21,225 can access the free qualifications.

The funding is a huge step in the right direction for skills development, but if the projected figures discussed earlier become reality, further funding and the introduction of more initiative will be vital.

At Complete Skills Solutions, we recently launched our Aspiring Leaders Programme. The course is accredited through the Institute of Leadership & Management (ILM) and is fully funded for adults who met the above criteria.

The course is designed to provide learners with the skills, tools, and knowledge to take the next step in their careers. The Aspiring Leaders Programme is a chance for learners to gain a level 3 qualification in leadership and management and to broaden their career prospects.

The remote and flexible delivery fits around your current commitments, meaning you don’t have to compromise your current job to better your future. The course lasts around 7 weeks, with just a few hours of learning per week.

Don’t wait for your future to happen, make it happen.

Find more information about our Aspiring Leaders Programme.

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