About the Opportunity

Building Confidence with Numbers

Day 1: Building Financial Confidence

  • We’re here to help you navigate the challenges of managing finances and budgets in your daily life.
  • Many adults lack confidence in their math abilities, but that’s about to change!
  • Discover how to tackle everyday math with ease and confidence.
  • We’ll also guide you to find financial help and explore opportunities to boost your household income, thanks to our community shop connections.

Day 2: Overcoming Math Anxiety

  • Dealing with numbers doesn’t have to be daunting.
  • Learn strategies to manage math-related anxiety that may have haunted you since school.
  • Engage in practical activities that shed light on how anxiety affects mathematical tasks and how to conquer it.

Day 3: Tailored Math Support

  • The final day is all about you.
  • Choose specific math topics you want to explore in a relaxed, judgment-free environment.
  • No need to commit to a full course or stress about tests and exams.
  • We’re here to provide support in key areas, tailored to your needs.
  • Cost of living – how to stretch your money further – link to Community Shop
  • Building Confidence in working with numbers
  • Numeracy – what do you want to learn? Tailored maths support sessions

Is this opportunity right for you?

Are you eligible?

  •  Age 19+
  • Must be a resident of the Liverpool City Region
  • If unemployed must be in receipt of state benefits (UC/JSA/ESA/Income Support)
  • If employed must be in receipt of low wages (lower than £31,600.40 and able to evidence this)

The Opportunity

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