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Complete Skills Solutions work with national retailers to provide people with unemployment training courses and job opportunities

Adult Education Training Provider Complete Skills Solutions (CSS), formerly known as Innovative Alliance, have recently teamed up with a national retailer to run a Sector Academy Work Programme (SWAP). The programme is designed to provide pre-employment training for people currently out of work. In addition, individuals will also have an opportunity to move into employment at the end of the programme. Keep reading to learn more about the unemployment training courses available right now.

SWAP Programme
People who participate in a SWAP are more likely to spend less time claiming Job Seekers Allowance. For instance, following the completion of the programme in comparison to those who do not participate in a SWAP. On average, participants spend 50 days longer in employment following the completion of a SWAP. Participants also spend 29 fewer days on benefits compared to non-participants. This is based on an 18-month timeframe following course completion.

A SWAP also offers a flexible approach to creating a skilled workforce. Additionally, this approach adapts to meet the needs of businesses. Complete Skills Solutions will work closely with your business to design tailored course content. The team ensures it meets the needs of the business and the labour market. In this instance, they met with the recruitment team and the retailer and devised a plan.

Department for Work and Pensions
Using their wealth of referral partners such as the Department for Work and Pensions (DWP), CSS were able to source successful candidates. These candidates were chosen as the best fit for the retailer. All participants were able to interview with the retailer. Successful participants completed an interview and were offered employment. 100% of participants were able to find employment through this programme.
Within the last week, the team at IA helped 17 learners to secure offers of employment across various sectors. This is a testament to the quality of training, advice and guidance the team provide!

The level of candidates put forth after completing SWAP, highly impressed the national retailer. The candidates went through the interview process with flying colours. It was clear that the knowledge they had gained through the programme helped them achieve success.
Employer Advisor from DWP, Megan Rosney, praised the adult education training provider for making the jobseekers course so successful. She went on to thank CSS for their support and professional delivery of excellent service to the DWP, employer and jobseekers.

A spokeswoman for DWP said;
‘’Along with other provider organisations and employers across Cheshire, we are really pleased to work with Complete Skills Solutions and this national retailer who have supported us to deliver one of our initiatives, our sector-based work academy placement programme. This employment initiative is part of a package of support to enable our job seekers to seek sustainable employment, contributing to DWP operational objectives and we thank all employers and partners who collaborate with us.’’

Due to the success of the course, the retailer has asked CSS to deliver the course across more of their sites.

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