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A survey of the UK’s major city centres has shown that Liverpool leads the Hospitality bounce-back following pandemic closures. With a 4.4% increase in restaurants, bars and pubs between September 2021 and December 2021, Liverpool was beginning to thrive again in the sector.

Northern cities dominated the list as Leeds came in second place (3.9%), Manchester in fourth place (2.5%), and Newcastle in fifth (2.3%). The North even outstripped London, which saw a 1.6% growth.

Recently, there have been several high-profile openings in Manchester, including sports bar BOX, Nells New York Pizza and Bar, and Contact Bar & Kitchen from GRUB. According to data from Northern Restaurant & Bar (NRB), the North’s hospitality trade exhibition, Northern cities are steadily leading the UK for new openings.

The data credits the region’s growth to local entrepreneurs and national operators who have invested as COVID-19 restrictions alleviated. The data was provided by CGA, the industry-leading food and drink data insights company.

Despite numerous new openings in Manchester, Liverpool’s growth stood firm at an impressive 4.4% net increase in hospitality venues. Surprisingly, the capital city came in ninth out of the 14 cities surveyed, including core and capital cities (plus Chester and York).

The Hospitality Growth List

  1. Liverpool 4.4%
  2. Leeds 3.9%
  3. Edinburgh 3.3%
  4. Manchester 2.5%
  5. Newcastle 2.3%
  6. Chester 2.0%
  7. Birmingham 2.0%
  8. Glasgow 1.7%
  9. London 1.6%
  10. York 1.5%
  11. Cardiff 1.4%
  12. Nottingham 1.5%
  13. Sheffield 1.0%
  14. Bristol 0.5%

*Based on data collected from CGA

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